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Heating Core, Heat Tube and Heat V

Better Results For Large Cakes and Pans

  • Heating Core for Large Cakes
  • Versatile Heat V for any large pan to improve cooking in the center
  • New Heat Tube is for Medium Size Pans
  • All facilitate even baking in large pans
  • See tabs below for details

This is the secret to fast, efficient, and professional baking results for larger cakes, pizzas, casseroles. Brings additional heat to the center of the pan.

Heat CoreThis core will not only substantially reduce your baking times, it also will allow your cakes to rise evenly too!

  • 16 Gauge Aluminum
  • Consistent, uniform heat conduction
  • Easy to use
  • Easy release

Place the core (opening side up) in the pan, fill with batter like the rest of the pan, bake as normal.

When finished baking, pop the cake in the core out, plug the hole and decorate. The cake will naturally bond together and no one will be the wiser!

Heat TubeThe round Heat Tube  is an alternative to the Heating Core with no plug to replace.

  • Commercial quality anodized aluminum
  • Use in medium size cake pans
  • Dura-Kote finish
  • Facilitates even baking
  • For pans 2 inches deep

Place the Heat Tube in the food ready to be cooked and bake as normal. When finished baking, pull the Heat Tube out. Used as a single solution rather than in a set like the Heat V. Works best for medium size pans under 10".

Using the Heat VThe Heat V was designed for use in 10” or wider cake pans and is available for 2”, 3” and 4” deep pans. They can effectively be used in round, contour, square and rectangular shaped pans.

  • Improved uniformity of bake
  • Less crowning means less waste and less work
  • PSTK stick resistant finish provides easy removal
  • Fast, easy to clean

The engineering for the Heat V resulted from the problem that larger size cakes tend to cook at the edges faster than the center, mostly because of being close to the edge of the pan. The Heat V captures the oven heat and transfers that heat through the spikes to the center of the pan improving the uniformity of the bake.

The Heat V is easy to remove after baking and leaves minimal structural damage.

  1. After batter is in the pan, add Heat Vs like photo above so that the distance from the edge of the pan to the first spike and from the second spike to the center of the pan is equal.
  2. Bake at your usual temperature. Your baking time may be shorter than usual so monitor the setting of the cake batter.
  3. Allow the cake to cool as normal in the pan and remove the Heat Vs just before turning out.
  4. Email and let us know how well it works for you!


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Heating Core

Item Product InfoHeight Quantity Unit
PRHC-34 Recommended for cakes larger than 10" round 3.75" $3.84

Heat V - Heat Tube

Item Product InfoPan Height Quantity Unit
ACC-13922-DK Heat V - Dura Kote - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY 2" $8.45
ACC-13997-DK Heat V - Dura Kote - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY 4" $12.69
ACC-14295-DK Heat V - Dura Kote - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY 3" $9.96
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