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Jelly Roll Pans

Trusted by top retail and commercial bakers, Lloyd Pans jelly roll pans are built to last and produce reliable, consistent baking results. Hand welded for straight sides.

Manufactured from heavy-duty aluminum and come in three coating options: bare aluminum, Silver-Kote and Dura-Kote.


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Jelly Roll Pans

Item DescriptionWidthLength Quantity Unit
PCS-10151C Jelly Roll 1" deep, Bare Alum. 10.000 15.000 $21.02
PCS-10151C-DK Jelly Roll 1" deep, Dura-Kote 10.000 15.000 $34.22
PCS-10151C-SK Jelly Roll 1" deep Silver-Kote 10.000 15.000 $29.82
PCS-11161C Jelly Roll 1" deep, Bare Alum. 11.000 16.000 $21.46
PCS-11161C-DK Jelly Roll 1" deep, Dura-Kote 11.000 16.000 $34.66
PCS-11161C-SK Jelly Roll 1" deep, Silver-Kote 11.000 16.000 $30.26
PCS-12181C Jelly Roll 1" deep, Bare Alum. 12.000 18.000 $24.93
PCS-12181C-SK Jelly Roll 1" deep, Silver-Kote 12.000 18.000 $33.73
PCS-12181C-DK Jelly Roll 1" deep, Dura-Kote 12.000 18.000 $38.13
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