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Pizza and Pasta Expo
Pizza Today Magazine

Brian Spangler interviewed at Pizza Expo

Brian Spangler, American Baker

Apizza Scholls, Portland OR

"I really love these pans from LloydPans. The oven spring and color I get is unlike any other pan that I have tried before. For the last 4 years now these are the only pans that I recommend when any of my peers ask for my opinion."

Watch the interview with Brian at Pizza Expo ...................

Peter Reinhart, Award Winning Author

Baking instructor at Johnson & Wales University. 

Peter's new book, Perfect Pan Pizza used LloydPans extensively for his upcoming book.

"I love that Lloyd Pans makes so many different sizes and types of their excellent pans; perfect for any situation. And at a very fair price as well!"

Come to the LloydPans booth at Pizza & Pasta Expo and visit with Peter Reinhart.

Shawn Randazzo, World Championship Pizza Maker

Detroit Style Pizza Co.

"LloydPans Detroit Style Pizza Pan provides the same quality bake that defines Detroit Style Pizza: crispy on the outside, soft and airy on the inside, edge-to-edge cheese that caramelizes around the crust and the style’s signature square shape. Detroit Style Pizza Makers and experienced pizza chefs who want a ready-to-go, out-of-the-box solution should choose LloydPans PSTK pans, as they require no special knowledge or maintenance to achieve the perfect Detroit Style Pizza bake."


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Detroit Style Pizza Pans: 2 sizes 
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