Developing the Perfect Custom Pan for a James Beard Winner

In January, we reached out to Stella Parks (@BraveTart) of Serious Eats to tell her about our line of cake pans and the innovative, stick-resistant coating we use.

A conversation was started and quickly moved from cake pan coatings to cheesecake pans. Specifically, an 8x4-inch round loose-bottom pan that Stella wanted, but couldn’t find anywhere.

We didn’t make a cheesecake pan that deep, but we knew we could. At LloydPans, we make all of our pans ourselves in our Spokane Valley, Washington manufacturing facility. This gives us the unique ability to craft custom pans in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost and with minimum purchase requirements.

We went to work designing a custom cheesecake pan built specifically for "jaw-dropping, stupid-tall" cheesecakes, as Stella called them. After a couple rounds of design, tooling and testing, we arrived at the perfect 8x4-inch round loose-bottom cheesecake pan.

4-inches, which is about as tall as you can make a cheesecake.

Springform pans break, rust and generally are a nuisance. This pan will provide consistent bakes for many years.

Allows for easy-release and is steam resistant. This means you can de-pan cheesecakes now or later and you won’t damage the pan or the integrity of the cheesecake.

Our proprietary finish eliminates discoloration caused by the reaction of eggs with bare aluminum pans.

The custom cheesecake pan worked so well we agreed with Stella that it should be made available to all bakers. You can purchase it online. Scroll down and look for SKU PCC-84-SK. It’s the only cheesecake pan we make with a 4-inch depth.

Whether it’s a pizza pan, bakeware or kitchen equipment, our team will work with you to make your custom idea a reality.

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