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  • Washington Manufacturing Alert

    by Robert Johnson | Aug 09, 2017
    Washington Manufacturing Alert is a biweekly email newsletter written and edited by veteran Pacific Northwest business journalist Bill Virgin. WMA covers the big-name companies and how they’re influencing the economy of the state. But it specializes in covering small and medium-sized companies and the entrepreneurs behind them, detailing how they’re investing, expanding, innovating and making a difference.
    LloydPans was featured in a recent email newsletter.
    Read the pdf here...
  • LloydMetal Fabrication

    by Robert Johnson | Jun 14, 2017
    Traci Rennaker | Journal Of BusinessCEO Traci Rennaker says Lloyd Industries’ new affiliate, Lloyd Metal Fabrication, is qualified to manufacture products for use in medical, telecommunications, aerospace, and other industries.
    See more at the Spokane Journal:
    Lloyd Metal Fabrication
  • National Restaurant Show 2017

    by Robert Johnson | May 25, 2017
    LloydPans exhibited at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago featuring pan solutions for combi ovens, speedbake oven and conveyor ovens. The Diamond Grill Pan and Panini Grill Pans were popular along with Pizza Pans for all styles of pizza.
    It was great to see new visitors and customers and we look forward to following up with all the friendly people we met at the NRA Show.
    LloydPans Team
  • LloydPans Introduces Racks, Stands & Cabinets

    by Robert Johnson | Feb 09, 2017
    Custom Racks, Stands and Cabinets from LloydPansUS Manufacturer, LloydPans, widely known for precision engineered pans that meet the needs of the pizza, baking and foodservice industries, is proud to showcase its ability to think both inside and outside the box with its Racks, Stands, and Cabinets.


    The Rolling Tower Rack at66” tall offers 1.5” clearance between stainless steel wire shelves in its lightweight aluminum frame. Snaps are positioned along the entire length and width of its durable, marine-grade vinyl door to allow maximum control when accessing product for immediate use without exposing product intended for longer storage to the drying effects of the air. From dough skin preparation to the make line, or back to the retarder, its 5 inch commercial casters glide easily from one station to the next. While thousands of these standard Rolling Tower Racks are in use in locations across the country, LloydPans can customize them to meet any type of requirement.  Overall dimensions, distance between shelving, door type, etc., --our customers have a lot of options.


    LloydPans is routinely contacted for hard-to-source needs that just don’t exist in any restaurant equipment store. A leading oven manufacturer needed a responsive supplier for a stainless steel stand. LloydPans answered the call and, with their specifications, created an oven stand that met their requirements at a price savings cost bonus. LloydPans partners with many different manufacturers to both supply and stock their custom products in order to streamline repeat orders and fulfillment. Interested in how your hard-to-source equipment needs can be met with expert assistance and surprisingly fast turnaround? You’re invited to contact LloydPans at to see for yourself.  


    Another recent example of LloydPans innovative response to a call for help involved a stackable mobile transport cabinet for a specific size and number of assembled products. The cabinet needed to be enclosed on all sides to keep food prepared in one location from drying out as it was being moved to another facility where baking would occur. Also on the checklist was the need for it to be light enough to be transported by a single individual without being bulky or awkward. Curious? LloydPans invites you to take a look at the final product at NAFEM, Booth #1690.


    Racks, stands and cabinets represent only a fraction of the products that LloydPans offers. Its online store,, offers a comprehensive look at its extensive line of standard products, at retail prices, with standard discounts. For heavier volume, and/or for customization needs, please contact or call 800-748-6251 for a quote.  Visit our custom Racks,Stands and Cabinets web page...
  • LloydPans Introduces Grill Pans

    by Robert Johnson | Feb 09, 2017
    US Manufacturer LloydPans  Spokane, WA
    Grill Pans by LloydPans
    US Manufacturer, LloydPans, collaborated with speed cook and infrared oven manufacturers to develop its Diamond Grill Pans and Grill Pans. Customer reviews indicate they’re both winners –even in impinger oven settings. Using an ingeniously simple way to automate and control food preparation, Diamond Grill Pans consistently sear appetizing grill marks on steaks, chicken, salmon, and other proteins in ovens with pre-set time and temperature. Grill Pans produce similar results with bread for panini and cheese sandwiches. And what may be the most impressive news of all is that one would be hard-pressed to distinguish the finished product from food prepared by a master griller, or artisanal baker.

    Each metal utensil safe Diamond Grill Pan and Grill Pan is manufactured from hard coat anodized heavy gauge aluminum and finished with LloydPans proprietary and non-toxic easy release coating. And unlike other non-stick coatings that wear off over time and with use, LloydPans coating is permanent. That means no kidding. With a watchful eye to both food safety and environmental responsibility, LloydPans PTFE and PFOA free coating is applied in an OSHA certified spray booth and baked onto the surface of each pan. From the time the sheet metal rolls into its bay doors until the time finished product is on its way to its customers, LloydPans controls every aspect of the manufacturing and finishing processes. As an entirely self-contained and eco-friendly manufacturer, LloydPans has successfully reduced its carbon footprint on the environment.

    Diamond and Grill Pans are available in several stock sizes, and oven safe to 700°F.  Because they’re ready for production out of the box, oiling the pans is not recommended nor required. Instead, proteins may be oiled, if desired.  

    Beyond an extensive line of standard products, LloydPans offers low to high volume custom services with surprisingly fast turnaround. If stock sizes do not meet specific requirements, customization is often a much more affordable option than some might imagine. And LloydPans would welcome that discussion.

    For customer service contact or call 1-800-748-6251