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The Equalizer® Multi-Blade Rocker Knife 

The perfect tool for By-The-Slice operations and School Lunch contracts when portion control is absolutely critical. Available in multiple size and slice options, The Equalizer® is designed to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied and nutrition goals are met. Free sharpener and full color step-by-step instructional poster included with each purchase.

Stainless Steel Rocker Knife 

One piece stainless steel construction with its built-in ergonomic handle eliminates the potential for handle breakage and hardware loss that could potentially end up on or in your crust.

Pizza Wheel Cutter 

Uncomfortable with a rocker knife? Check out the 4” stainless steel wheel cutter with its ergonomically designed handle.

Double Bladed Breadstick Scorer 

With this LloydPans exclusive tool, you can score breadsticks and cut them, too.

Pizza Cutting/Serving Boards 

NSF approved, dishwasher safe, and resistant to absorption, cuts and stains, choose from Serving Boards, Make-Up Boards, and Square Cutting Boards. Serving Boards are the perfect companion product for The Equalizer®, since they provide a means to center the multi-blade rocker knife over the pizza, as well as a stable/secure surface underneath its blades for a clean cut, every time.

Equalizer Sharpener 

One of the best (and easiest) knife sharpeners you’ll ever use, it’s included FREE with every purchase of The Equalizer® Multi-Blade Rocker Knife. Use it for every knife you own.