Pizza Pans

What are Cutter Pans, exactly, and which style should I choose?

Cutter Pans are rimless by design so that dough can be rolled and trimmed in them, if desired. As to whether you should choose solid or perforated pizza pans, the answer depends on what type of crust you’d like to achieve. Choose the solid pizza pan if you’re looking for a softer, more buttery crust, or the perforated pizza pan featuring 20% airflow to 80% surface ratio if you’re looking for a slightly crispier pizza crust with a bit of snap to it. Whether you need solid or perforated pizza pans, we recommend our permanent and metal utensil safe Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote® PSTK finish. It bakes pizza hotter and faster than bare aluminum –which really comes in handy for hungry weekend crowds. And, it doesn’t need to be pre-seasoned, since we’ve already done the work for you. How great is that????

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Cutter Pans

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