CTX Oven Sets

Pans for CTX Conveyor Ovens

Reliable, durable pans, built for CTX conveyor ovens

Get the most out of your conveyor oven with LloydPans accessory pans. 
Environmentally correct for today’s focus on managing our resources. 
Effective to use, long-lasting, easy to clean and maintain.

Only from LloydPans

PSTK and SK: Unique Coatings

These pans are offered with 2 unique, non-toxic coatings that are manufactured only by LloydPans in our US facility. Our easy release coatings are permanent and never need recoating. Safe, added with food products, in ovens operating up to 900° F

  • Silver-Kote® (SK) is a light colored finish that is steam-proof, non-reactive with egg products and bakes similar to bare aluminum.
  • Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote® (PSTK) is a dark colored finish that has our best durability

Uncoated pans or pans finished with non-stick coatings will not perform the same.

Searing/Roasting Pan

A highly versatile pan for searing, roasting and baking

Diamond Grill Pan

Cook steaks, chicken, seafood with impressive grill marks

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Grouped product items
SKU Product Info Qty Unit

Set: Diamond Grill & Searing/Roasting pans 6.47X9.45-PSTK

Special Price $32.77 Regular Price $38.55

Diamond Grill Pan-8.9X12.9 Inch- AL

Special Price $21.26 Regular Price $25.01

Diamond Grill Pan-8.9 X12.9 Inch-PSTK

Special Price $28.27 Regular Price $33.26

Diamond Grill Pan-8.9 X12.9 Inch-SK

Special Price $25.93 Regular Price $30.51

Searing / Roasting Pan 6.47X9.45 inch- Aluminum

Special Price $10.57 Regular Price $12.43

Searing/Roasting Pan 6.47X9.45 Inch-PSTK

Special Price $14.07 Regular Price $16.55

Diamond Grill Pan-13X18 Inch- AL

Special Price $37.30 Regular Price $43.88

Diamond Grill Pan-13X18 Inch-PSTK

Special Price $51.32 Regular Price $60.38

Diamond Grill Pan-13X18 Inch - SK

Special Price $46.65 Regular Price $54.88

Diamond Grill Pan-6.47X9.45 Inch- AL

Special Price $15.19 Regular Price $17.87

Diamond Grill Pan-6.47X9.45 Inch-PSTK

Special Price $18.70 Regular Price $22.00

Diamond Grill Pan-6.47X9.45 Inch-SK

Special Price $17.53 Regular Price $20.62
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