Cleaning LloydPans Products

Do not pre-season LloydPans® coated products

LloydPans® coated products should not be seasoned because doing so may cause irreparable harm to the coating and void the warranty. Our non-toxic and stick-resistant finish is production ready…right out of the box. Simply wash LloydPans® products in mild dish-washing liquid for sanitation purposes, dry thoroughly, then wipe a small amount of oil inside pan prior to placing food. This may only be needed for the first use. Your pan is ready for production.

Cooking acidic foods

Cooking acidic foods like tomato, citrus, or wine in direct contact with the surface of a LloydPans product for long periods of time, or at high temperatures, can damage its non-toxic and metal utensil safe release coating. Using a barrier between acidic foods and the pan’s surface, like parchment or cooking oil, provides some protection, but will not eliminate this type of damage.

Cleaning & Maintenance: 

ScotchBrite Pads

For general cleaning, we recommend soaking in water with a mild, sudsy detergent. A metal spatula can be used to loosen larger food bits. Finish cleaning with a nylon-type scrubber or a blue Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge by Scotch-Brite.

For tougher cleaning jobs: 

  • Bar Keepers Friend

    Hand wash only. Do not wash in automatic dishwashers because the caustic properties of the soap used will degrade the finish of LloydPans and voids any warranties.
  • Soak pans in warm, sudsy water using a mild dish-washing liquid. Then, with moderate scrubbing, remove as much oily residue as possible. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Use Barkeepers Friend with a small amount of water and scrub with a dishcloth or non-abrasive scrub sponge. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Once cleaned, the pan should be wiped using a cloth or paper towel with a small amount of oil prior to the next use.


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