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LloydPans proudly manufactures its complete line of products in the United States of America. Every pizza pan, cookie sheet and piece of foodservice equipment is conceived, developed and manufactured out of our 104,000-sq.-ft. plant in Spokane Valley, Washington.

It’s a facility we’ve been in for quite some time, and one that we continue to expand. Our most recent expansion includes the installation of a new anodizing line, which will allow us to increase capacity and efficiencies and deliver our pans out to customers quicker than ever before.

A dedicated team of employees, skilled in machinery, food science, tooling and engineering, operate our facility in a manner that allows us maximize safety, innovation and continuous improvement.

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ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Certification

LloydPans is proud to have ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification. This is the internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard that is designed to empower LloydPans with a system for continuous improvement.

As a customer focused company, ISO 9001 helps us enhance customer relations, reduce manufacturing errors and deliver quality products. We want to ensure we are meeting each customer’s needs, inspiring trust in our products, our people and our business.

Custom Pans

Because we manufacture all of our pans in the USA, we’re able to work with our clients to develop custom pans and equipment. When customers hear “custom,” they often believe they don’t have the volumes or funds to develop a unique pan for their unique needs. They’re often wrong.

What are the costs?

Not as much as you might think. For most pan manufacturers, custom equals cost. But LloydPans is not like most manufacturers. To begin with, we control every aspect of the manufacturing process from start to finish in our Spokane Valley, Washington facility. We run one of the most efficient and innovative manufacturing plants in the United States. As a result, our tooling costs and setup fees are lower, and we pass these savings on to our customers.

What’s the minimum order?

We understand the realities of new product introductions in today’s marketing and metric driven worlds. Test markets and small runs are a reality, and LloydPans helps pizzerias, bakers, chefs and food processors realize their new product inspirations by maintaining low minimum orders.

What’s the turnaround time?

Faster than you might think. Because we’re completely self-contained, we’ve eliminated the need to rely on others’ schedules. Our team of food experts and responsive sales staff works directly with our customers to not only engineer custom pan solutions, but also to ship prototypes quickly, and make any necessary adjustments. 

Custom Pans? Where to start?

Start here, where you can get learn more about some of our custom innovations and fill out a form with your custom idea. Or, you can email us and we would be happy to discuss your custom pan idea.  

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