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LloydPans permanent stick-resistant finishes, PSTK, DK and SK, are created by combining our in-house anodizing processes with our exclusive water-based release coatings. The result eliminates the need for re-coating and provides a durable and long lasting product. Choose Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote®, Dura-Kote® or Silver-Kote® for superior performance and durability.

LloydPans also offers on custom orders, PTFE Non-Stick and Silicone Glaze coatings for industry standard applications that do not require a permanent coating. Powder Coating is offered for applications that require durability and color, and are for display and service, not for baking.

PSTK CoatingPre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote®

Superior Finish for the Pizza Industry

  • Proven by top franchises and pizza experts
    Praised for performance and long lasting durability
  • No Pre-Seasoning required
    Save time and labor. Ready for production.
  • Permanent stick-resistant coating
    Will not chip, peel or flake off. Metal utensil safe.
  • Dark finish bakes hotter and faster than bare aluminum
    Produces excellent crust with consistent, even baking
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Silver-Kote CoatingSilver-Kote®

Bakes Similar to Bare Aluminum with Added Benefits

  • Eliminate Reglazing
    Unlike silicone, this durable permanent release coating will last through countless baking cycles with proper care.  
  • Reduce Release Aids and Parchment Paper 
    The easy release surface requires minimal oiling and often eliminates the need for parchment paper.
  • Steam-Proof Finish 
    Steam and moisture penetration will not degrade the finish so depanning can occur on your schedule. Safe to soak in water.
  • Non-Reactive 
    Neutral, non-toxic finish does not discolor products containing eggs, like cheesecake.
    Water based release finish is PTFE and PFOA free.
  • No Peeling, Flaking or Chipping 
    The release layer is infused into the surface of the pan to create a long lasting, durable finish.
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Dura-Kote CoatingDura-Kote®

Dark Finish Bakes Hot for Browning Crusts

  • Permanent stick-resistant coating
    Will not chip, peel or flake off.
  • Durable, built to withstand countless baking cycles
    Engineered for combi, convection, conveyor and conventional ovens
  • Metal utensil safe
    Coating will not chip, peel or flake off.
  • Reduced oiling
    The easy release finish is stick resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain

PTFE Non-Stick

Commonly Used in Foodservice Products

  • Non-stick surface
    Provides good release suitable for baking temperatures.
  • Semi Permanent
    Coating degrades with use and susceptible to scratching and flaking if not used and stored properly..
  • Non-Metal Utensils
    Wooden, plastic or silicone utensils are best for use.


PTFE Color Coating

PTFE Non-Stick Color Coating

Available in a variety of colors. Contact Sales for information.

  • Similar characteristics as PTFE coating above





PTFE Coating

Silicone Glaze

Excellent Release for the Baking Industry

  • Non-stick surface throughout the life of the coati 
  • Non-stick surface throughout the life of the coati Several hundred baking cycles before re-glazing is necessary.
  • Pans can be reglazed multiple times
    LloydPans does not offer this service.
  • Glaze coating is susceptible to steam penetration
    Depanning when hot is recommended.
  • Delicate finish needs gentle care
    Not metal utensil safe.

Powder CoatingPowder Coat

Durable Solvent-Free Color Coating

  • Durable Surface 
    The highly durable surface protects from corrosion and is resistant to chipping and flaking. 
  • Solvent-Free 
    Applied with no solvents and releases minimal Volatile Organic Compounds. The environmentally better choice for colored parts. Not suitable for baking. Safe to 350° F.
  • Colors
    PMS color matching and a select pallet of food safe colors. 

Custom Manufacturing

Looking for custom parts that are not culinary?

Lloyd Metal Fabrication is our affiliate company that serves a wide variety of commercial industries. Visit the website for capabilities and RFP forms.


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