The Equalizer® 
Multi-Blade Rocker Knife 

The solution for equal slices and portion control of pizza.

The Equalizer® is a precision cutting tool designed to effectively achieve uniform slices of pizza.

Portion control is critical for restaurants and organizations offering By-The-Slice sales where calculated nutrition and size servings are important.

Easy to use rocking technique does not require a lot of muscle. Cuts pizza quickly, cleanly and safely.

Pizza Sizes

Available for all sizes of pizza from 6 to 20 inch.

Number of Slices

Match your pizza with 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 or 12 slice options.

Free Sharpener!

Every purchase includes a sharpener to keep your blades in top condition.

The Equalizer Pizza Cutter

Available in 6 different sizes with multiple slice counts.

The Equalizer Details
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