Extra-Deep Cheesecake Pan

What do you do when James Beard winner Stella Parks (@BraveTart) of Serious Eats asks for an extra-deep cheesecake pan? You make her one! And, that's exactly what we did. This 8-inches round cheesecake loose-bottom pan is four-inches deep. Think about the jaw-dropping cheesecakes you can make with an 8x4-inch deep pan. Plus, the cheesecake pan features all of the other amazing attributes of a LloydPans product, including:


Springform pans break, rust and generally are a nuisance. This pan will provide consistent bakes for many years.


Allows for easy-release and is steam resistant. This means you can de-pan cheesecakes now or later and you won’t damage the pan or the integrity of the cheesecake.


Our proprietary finish eliminates discoloration caused by the reaction of eggs with bare aluminum pans. 

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