Baking Sheet Pans

Commercial Sheet Pans

Standard and Coated Metal Utensil Safe

 Available in Full, Half and Quarter Sheet Sizes

  • Dura-Kote® Hard Coat Anodized 18 Gauge Aluminum
  • Silver-Kote® ClearCoat Anodized 18 Gauge Aluminum
  • No Seasoning Required 
  • Superior Durability
  • Stick-Resistant Permanent Coatings
  • Rust-Free

Our exclusive Dura-Kote® finish minimizes cleanup, often eliminates parchment paper or sprays and improves your baking times. Silver-Kote®offers the benefits of easy release with a bright-colored finish that bakes like bare aluminum. These professional baking pans (sheet pans) are a staple for every baker and will never rust, flake, chip, or peel.

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Note: Full Sheet Pans are 18x26 inches and do not fit many home ovens. Please measure your oven before ordering.

Sheet Pan Sizes (Inches) Width Length
Quarter Sheet Pan 9 13
Half Sheet Pan 13 18
Full Sheet Pan 18 26


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Silver-Kote® Finish

This light colored coating system is designed to eliminate re-glazing. It bakes similar to bare aluminum but has the added benefit of being a permanent stick-resistant finish. 

  • Unlike silicone, this coating will last through countless baking cycles with proper care.
  • Cut costs and improve efficiencies by reducing release aids and parchment paper.
  • The coating’s steam-proof finish allows our customers to depan on their schedule.
  • Neutral, non-toxic finish does not discolor products containing eggs, such as cheesecake.
  • Water-based release finish is PTFE and PFOA free.

Dura-Kote® Finish

Dark colored finish for applications in retail and high-volume bakeries. Engineered for multiple oven types, and to withstand the rigors of hundreds of baking cycles per day. 

  • The dark finish bakes hot and helps brown crusts quicker.
  • Permanent stick-resistant coating will not chip, peel or flake off.
  • Metal utensil safe pans allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Coating Options from LloydPans®

LloydPans bakeware finishes are created by combining our in-house anodizing processes with our coating options. The result provides the best possible product with the attributes of the coating chosen.

LloydPans offers 3 types of standard coatings, and 2 additional custom coatings, that are approved for baking food items in ovens. Powder coating is for display and service, not for baking.

Open our PDF: Coating Options from LloydPans

Coating Options from LloydPansCoating Options from LloydPans

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Quarter Sheet pan, Bare Aluminum - 14 Gauge

Special Price $23.19 Regular Price $27.28

Quarter Sheet Pan, Silver-Kote finish - 14 Gauge

Special Price $27.86 Regular Price $32.78

Quarter Sheet Pan, Dura-Kote finish -14 Gauge

Special Price $30.20 Regular Price $35.53

Half Sheet Pan, Bare Aluminum - 18 Gauge

Special Price $25.81 Regular Price $30.36

Half Sheet pan, Silver-Kote finish - 18 Gauge

Special Price $35.16 Regular Price $41.36

Half Sheet pan, Dura-Kote finish - 18 Gauge

Special Price $39.83 Regular Price $46.86

Full Sheet Pan, Bare Aluminum - 18 Gauge

Special Price $21.24 Regular Price $24.99

Full Sheet Pan, Silver-Kote finish - 18 Gauge Aluminum

Special Price $31.86 Regular Price $37.48

Full Sheet Pan, Dura-Kote finish - 18 Gauge Aluminum

Special Price $41.21 Regular Price $48.48
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