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Diamond Grill Pan Video

The LloydPans test kitchen has used a conventional home oven, an XLT 1832 impingement conveyor oven and High-h-Batch Turbochef high speed oven, cooking steak, chicken and seafood, successfully achieving grill marks seared into the meats with rare to well done centers. Time and temperature will need to be established for every oven for the thickness and kind of proteins being cooked.

Diamond Grill Pans

Cook steaks, chicken, seafood with impressive, delicious grill marks!

Use your oven to cook delicious meats with impressive grill marks. The pan's bold, diamond grill pattern is seared right onto the surface of the protein as it cooks. 

For chefs, restaurants and foodservice, any kitchen with a hot oven can easily sear proteins with the Diamond Grill Pan made in the US by LloydPans. 

Automate and control food preparation. Using an oven with pre-set time and temperature, this set of pans consistently produces impressive grill marks on proteins and vegetables without the need for skilled labor at a grill. Perfect for combi, speed-bake, convection, conveyor and infrared ovens.

  • 3 Sizes
    6.47 x 9.45 inch pan with 5.47 x 8.45 inch grill capacity
    8.9 x 12.9 inch pan with 7.9 x 11.9 grill capacity
    13 x 18 inch pan with  11.8 x 16.8 grill capacity
  • Easy grip rim for safe handling  
  • One piece construction from heavy 12 gauge aluminum
  • PSTK permanent stick-resistant coating
  • Safe, added with food products, in ovens operating up to 900º F

Custom sizes available for commercial use. Please inquire here »

Pan should never be oiled. Oil proteins instead.
Wipe off residue and oil between bakes.

Conventional Ovens

Pre-heat dry pan to 550°–600° F. Lightly oil proteins, if needed. Quickly press proteins firmly onto hot pan to start the sear. Bake approximately 3—4 minutes on each side, depending on type and thickness of protein.

Conveyor Ovens

Pre-heat dry pan with either a half or full pass. Lightly oil proteins, if needed. Quickly return pan to the loading position and press proteins firmly onto hot pan to start the sear. Cook as desired. Turning half way is not necessary. Serve marked side up.

Speed Bake Ovens

Pre-heat dry pan to 450°–500° F. Lightly oil proteins, if needed. Quickly press proteins firmly onto hot pan to start the sear. Cook as desired. Turning half way is optional.


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Diamond Grill Pans

Item Description Quantity Unit
RCT-16369-PSTK Diamond Grill Pan - 6.47 x 9.45 Inch - PSTK $16.79
RCT-109384-PSTK Diamond Grill Pan - 8.9 x 12.9 Inch - PSTK $25.29
RCT-109582-PSTK Diamond Grill Pan - 13 x 18 Inch PSTK $47.71
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