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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not advertise our pans as non-stick but rather easy release. We still recommend using oil or release agent with our pans.
LloydPans warrants all products against defects in material or workmanship from date of purchase for a period of 90 days. We will repair or replace defective products, but will not be responsible for any consequential damages including any claim of lost profits.  Warranty is voided if items are washed in an automatic dishwasher that damages the coating with the caustic chemicals that maybe used. Sticking issues are not a manufactures defect.
We do not recommend washing our pans in an automatic dishwasher due to the caustic chemicals in the dishwashing detergent. These caustic chemicals will eventually breakdown not only our finish but most finishes on the market today.
No you do not need to pre-season our finished pans. Simply hand wash with warm water and mild detergent to remove manufacturing and shipping debris, dry and buff with a little oil and you are ready for baking. If you have purchased bare aluminum pans we recommend seasoning them prior to use.
Yes, you can return any New and Unused product with prior authorization with a 25% restocking fee. You are responsible for the return shipping.
No unfortunately you cannot return custom items.
General lead times for production can be anywhere from 10-25 business days. Please refer to the order confirmation sent to you for your scheduled ship date.
There are only two products in our line that you must order by the case. All other items you can order just one pan. We do not charge any minimum order fee.

With our contracted shipping rates there is a floor minimum. When you are ordering higher volumes you will receive a much better rate.