Pizza Disks

Quik-Disks® and Hex Disks have replaced screens in several of the largest franchises in the U.S.

Here's why...

Unlike screens, Quik-Disks and Hex Disks perform like new bake after bake…after bake. That’s why they don’t need to be replaced. In fact, we have reports that disks purchased over 15 years ago are still in use and working great.

Unlike screens, Quik-Disks and Hex Disks don’t need to be pre-seasoned. They’re ready to go out of the box, and our customers really haven’t missed that smoky, smelly, and time-consuming process.

Unlike screens, Quik-Disks and Hex Disks are hard coat anodized. They heat up faster, bake faster, and cool down faster, too. That’s great news for throughput when it comes to hungry weekend crowds.

Unlike screens, Quik-Disks and Hex Disks won’t be damaged when they’re dropped on their sides because they’re built to handle abuse.

And, Quik-Disks are NSF approved. That’s a pretty big deal for stringent health department regulations.

Still not convinced? Check out this comparison of Quik-Disks versus Pizza Screens.

3 Styles of Quik-Disks®

Original Quik-Disk 40

Hex Quik-Disks

Hearth Bake Disks

Rectangle Quik-Disks


Hearth Bake Disks deliver old world, artisan type Hearth Bake crusts in fast bake conveyor ovens.

Developed in combination with Tom Lehmann (a.k.a. “The Dough Doctor”) our Hearth Bake Disks feature an irregular hole pattern designed to produce the type of crispy, golden and mottled crust  –once only possible in a deck style oven—for which Hearth Bake pizzas are famous.

Here’s how…

Oven settings are critical to achieve best results, which is why we’ve also developed
the following guide: Hearth Bake Disk Guide


For those not yet ready to make the switch from screens to LloydPans Quik-Disks or Hex Disks, we offer the best screens on the market. What makes them better? Sturdier construction that includes a seamless rim.