Welcome Lloyd Metal Fabrication to the family

Welcome Lloyd Metal Fabrication to the family
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Most likely, you know all about our pizza and baking pans. In fact, your operation may be using them as you read this. But, did you know our shop in Spokane Valley, Washington also operates as a full-scale metal fabrication facility?

Yes! Lloyd Metal Fabrication can help your pizza or bakery operation with not only pans, but also custom equipment, parts and assembly.

Lloyd Metal Fab

When we launched Lloyd Metal Fabrication, we knew we needed a point of distinction. There are quite a few metal fabricators in the market serving varied industries. We didn’t want to be another one. Instead, we started the metal fabrication company on a few core principles:

  • Timely production
  • Low minimums
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Exceptional customer service

It’s an approach we took when we started offering custom pans to the baking and pizza industries. Because we manufacture in the United States, and operate an innovative manufacturing facility, we can turn around metal fabrication orders quickly and with low minimums.

Even more important, we have an experienced team of experts that understand the challenges and needs of diverse industries such as medical, telecommunication, restaurant, coffee, energy, solar power, aerospace, industrial and more. When you call us, you’ll talk to a person that will understand your challenges and see the opportunity. They will be able to develop a prototype quickly, all while walking you through the process.

We’re excited to welcome Lloyd Metal Fabrication to the Lloyd Industries family, and we hope you go check out their website.

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