2023 Baking Trends Forecast Color, Holiday Cheer

2023 Baking Trends Forecast Color, Holiday Cheer
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Winter months are perfect for comfort and holiday fun, and the baking industry’s trend forecasts for 2023 certainly reflect the notion of traditions old and new. Need to stock up on LloydPans Bakeware? Don’t forget the end-of-year sale, beginning Dec. 21. All orders over $250 through Dec. 31, 2022, receive 10% off, so make sure to browse now to stay on track with the baking trends of the New Year.

On Like Cookie Donkey Kong

No matter what the cookie trend, flavor is still king when it comes to distinguishing our non-cookie cutter tastes. Bakers who innovate with flavor combinations and fun twists on familiar staples will win the cookie market in 2023. For example, the LloydPans innovation team is dying to try Los Angeles-based Last Crumb’s ‘The Donkey Kong,’ a banana cream pie cookie; The James Dean, a Oreo milkshake flavor; and Netflix and Crunch, aptly named for its Cinnamon Toast Crunch flair.

Sales director for Mmmly Classic Cookies told Baking Business that when it comes to flavors, indulgence is just as important as a sense of nostalgia with consumers. Think banana bread, Nutter Butter, carrot cake, coffee or blueberry muffin. But, as market research firm IRI found, consumers are also looking for reduced sugar, keto-friendly, low calorie, low cholesterol, vegan, gluten-free and high protein choices in their cookie choices.

“We’re trying to unseat those cookies that are full of preservatives and a ton of bad ingredients but are an indulgent treat, Caroline Cotto, co-founder and CEO of Renewal Mill told Food Business News.

Commercial bakers who can rise to the challenge of this balance without their cookies crumbling will reign supreme in 2023. Grab your LloydPans Cookie Sheets here.

Think Pink
Pink is the new red this winter season, with bold pink hues truly taking the cake. Dragon fruit was named taste company Firmenich’s 2023 Flavor of the Year, thanks to consumers’ “desire for new ingredients and bold, adventurous flavor creation.” LloydPans is seeing dragon fruit breathe life into cupcakes in particular, as seen at Plano, Texas’ Lawless Cake Co. Dragonfruit Pina Colada adds coconut cake, caramelized pineapple and toasted coconut crumble to the trendy fruit.

Pink pineapple, according to Restaurant Business, also is going to trend in the baking world in 2023. With pink flesh that’s juicier and sweater than traditional yellow pineapple, the pink variety is a dessert lovers’ dream. Pineapple Flan at Encinitas, California’s Vaga Restaurant & Bar takes charred pink pineapple, fermented pineapple tea and caramel tuile combined with a delicious caramel cake.

Are you baking pink with LloydPans this holiday season? We would love to see your creations @lloydpans. Give us a share and add us to your stories!

The innovation team at LloydPans wishes bakers and chefs across the country a happy holiday season filled with no soggy bottoms and the perfect bake each and every time.

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