National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week Celebrates Nostalgia, Trends

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week Celebrates Nostalgia, Trends
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Since around 1938 when Ruth Graves Wakefield experimented with chocolate chunks and batter there’s been something about the chocolate chip cookie.

Like many innovative bakers trying to create something new, she threw in chunks of a chocolate bar into her cookie recipe to see how it would mix. It didn’t blend exactly how she was hoping, but it did something even better — and the first great American dessert has stood the test of time. This led to the famous Toll House company and eventually National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week March 5-11.

View the history of Chocolate Chip Cookie Week.

In present day, there are a number of chocolate chip cookie trends that the LloydPans innovation team can’t wait to take a bite out of:

  • Unique ingredients. Simporter’s AI-powered platform scanned for a number of 2023 cookie ingredient trends, and we saw some interesting findings. From East Asian taro to guava and mint to gravy and even sausage, the sweet and savory trend extends to adventurous flavors when it comes to chocolate combinations.
  • Dessert boards. Foodservice professionals are showcasing chocolate chip cookie versatility through dessert boards and platters that combine plant-based chocolates, flavor combinations and extravagant creations for taste testing.
  • Old and new. Speaking of taste testing, more than half of consumers would be motivated to try a new cookie if it featured a unique flavor, according to Barry Callebaut’s Cookies CRAZED report. National Chocolate Chip Cookie week is the perfect time to try something new. Who knows, maybe the next “new” cookie will become a menu staple.

Bake chocolate chip cookies with LloydPans’ Cookie Sheets. They’re built to last and produce reliable, consistent baking results, and we’ll work with batches of all sizes to produce custom sheets. LloydPans Cookie Sheets are:

  • Manufactured from heavy-duty aluminum and come in three coating options: bare aluminum, Silver-Kote, and Dura-Kote.
  • Available with open or closed ends and also as traditional flat sheets.
  • Sure to delight your cookie-loving customers this time of year

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