2023 Fall Bread Trends

2023 Fall Bread Trends
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In the wake of the gluten-free movement, many people have turned their backs on bread. But not the LloydPans Innovation Team. In fact, these days, there are plenty of options for wheat-lovers and gluten-intolerants alike. With a little help from BBM Magazine we rounded up some of the top bread trends for 2023 to help you develop your next menu.

Specialty options

Plain, white sandwich bread has had its day. Now, more bakers and foodservice operators are turning toward artisanal and specialty breads made with high-quality ingredients and unique flavors that customers are clamoring for.

Ancient grains

Ancient grains like spelt, millet, farro and barley are great additions and alternatives to traditional wheat flour. They contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are important to nutrition, and many are even gluten-free.


Sourdough has become more and more popular in recent years. Its distinct, sharp flavor and chewy texture make it a great complement to a variety of flavors. Also, because of its extended fermentation process, it’s easier to digest than other breads.

Alternative flours

With more and more people experiencing gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, alternative gluten-free flours are on the rise. Almond flour, coconut flour, lentil flour and more contain health benefits that cater to a variety of dietary needs.


Many bakers — and consumers — count sustainability as an important factor when it comes to food choices. Many prefer locally sourced, organic ingredients; eco-friendly packaging; and production methods that benefit the environment and reduce food waste. Many bakers are even adapting their techniques to use leftover bread as croutons or breadcrumbs.


Bland is out and bold is in! BBM Magazine reports that while sweet breads like cinnamon rolls and pastries are still popular, there has been a rise in savory options flavored with herbs, chilis and other strong flavor profiles.

International cuisine

People are becoming more adventurous in their eating habits, leading to increased popularity of international breads like naan, lavash and roti.

Home baking
The popularity of cooking and baking shows has led to a rise (rise — get it?) in home bread baking, especially within our customer base. From recipe books to classes, there are plenty of ways to learn how to bake and develop new skills and techniques — especially during the holidays!

Believe it or not, bread-making subscription services not only exist, but are increasingly popular among people eager to learn how to bake bread.

The LloydPans solution

LloydPans’ collection of bread pans includes Sub Sandwich Pans, Baguette Bread Pans, Pullman Bread Pans and Loaf Bread Pans that are perfect for whatever bread trend you choose to adopt. Our durable products are made in the USA from Bare Aluminum or Dura-Kote, ensuring they’ll stand the test of time and bake a consistent loaf each time. We also offer custom designs for your unique needs. Just email sales@lloydpans.com to chat with the LloydPans Team. Now, get baking!

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