Winter Baking Trends

Winter Baking Trends
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As 2023 winds down, we look forward to seeing what our baking customers are doing in the world of trends this holiday season. The LloydPans Innovation Team turned to Puratos’ Taste Tomorrow research initiative for insight on what’s new in the baking world to help you get a leg up on the competition.

Techy Baking

AI is all the rage these days and, believe it or not, it has a place in the baking world. Tech-forward bakers are using AI for recipe generation, and many consumers believe that AI can help them make better food choices. Many bakeries are also using 3D printing to “bring culinary visions to life,” said Confectionery News, and experiment with new textures and product applications.

“By fusing technology and culinary craftsmanship, we’re pushing creative boundaries and entering a new era of recipe personalization with tools like ChatGPT and text-to-image generators,” said Jaina Wald, VP of marketing for Puratos USA.

Fusion-forward Foods

Puratos found that many consumers lean toward familiar, nostalgic culinary experiences that bring them a sense of comfort. But that’s not to say that a little experimentation is a bad thing! LloydPans customers have definitely elevated traditional bakes and dishes by combining familiar flavors with reinvented textures, helping shape this year’s trends.

“This distinctive quality of desiring classic comforts and the thrill of the unexplored presents an exciting opportunity for industry professionals to leverage the power of classics while reinventing finished goods to encourage exploration and discovery,” Wald said.

Good for the Gut

Consumers are increasingly interested in improving their gut health. One way to accomplish this is to add probiotics, prebiotics and fiber to baked goods. But an even easier way is to turn to a familiar favorite: sourdough. Sourdough’s extended fermentation time allows for better digestibility; increased release of vitamins, minerals and amino acids; and better nutritional content.

“This striking interest in gut health among North American consumers is translating into a demand for multipurpose gut-friendly foods that offer holistic health benefits and enhanced energy,” Wald said.

Promoting Plants

In Puratos’ Taste Tomorrow poll, 53% of survey respondents recognized plant-based options as good for the environment, while 46% believed that plant-based foods are healthier choices compared to animal-based products. 

Bake Mag reported that many bakeries are experimenting with plant-based, protein-enhanced, sugar-free and reduced-sugar chocolate in their sweet treats, as well as plant-based egg wash alternatives for buns, brioche and other baked goods.

Festive Flavors

‘Tis the season to indulge in festive flavors. The holidays are the perfect time to add touches of chocolate, cranberry, peppermint, gingerbread, pomegranate and orange to your winter bakes.

LloydPans Bakeware

No matter which way you choose to embrace this season’s baking trends, LloydPans has the tools for you. We carry a wide variety of bakeware, from cake pans to cookie sheets, tube pans to sheet pans, that are perfect for your new masterpiece. Browse all LloydPans Bakeware.

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