4 Takeaways: Pizza Trends in the News

4 Takeaways: Pizza Trends in the News
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At LloydPans, it’s our job to create the best pans available to help you effectively bake the most delicious, fun, customer-friendly pizzas in town. We love seeing the finished product, and while perusing your shared photos, stories and trends in the news, we found a few pizza themes that are taking off in the summer of 2023.

Eggcellent Ingredients
Having pizza for breakfast isn’t a new concept, but breakfast as pizza? There are a rising number of egg-topped pizzas making menus across the U.S. @PizzaHimbo's Easy Like Sunday Morning made our newsletter shoutout list for the month. It was parbaked and topped with cheese and pork roll — then the main event, the egg, was added on top within the last four minutes. A true breakfast pizza of champions.

@PizzaisLovely used jammy yolked eggs, tangy garlic infused Greek yogurt, hot and spicy chipotle, harissa butter and aromatic dil for this unique Detroit-style pizza. It looks so beautiful, and we’re already craving a bite.


Pickling our Fancy

Pickles are one of the hottest trending toppings in the pizza industry. Mainstream chains are introducing pickle pizzas, making a once novel topper an everyday staple. They’re especially divine with heavy meat or cheese pizzas, adding a complex, flavorful bite.


Check out the @dtownpizza 72-hour fermented Detroit-style dough Double Cheeseburger baked fresh in LloydPans at 80% hydration. It’s topped with Bubbies dill pickles, encased gouda cubes, baked mozzarella crust, ground beef under and over cheese and a mac burger sauce. Delicious!

Sweet on Sourdough
Crusts are becoming as varied as toppings, and from gluten-free to cauliflower to even chickpea, there are so many types that we could write a separate blog on one of the top reasons LloydPans created proprietary finishes! We’re narrowing the summer trend down to one, however — sourdough. This complex, wild yeast/bacteria-filled dough varies in tastes depending on region (think a honey varietal), and once baked it simply looks so enticing that we had to take notice.

@backyardsourdough shares some great sourdough crust creations made in LloydPans. We love the simplicity of the sourdough sausage and onion.

Thinking Ahead
Curb the hangriness by ordering ahead! Pizzas like deep dish can take a longer baking time, and consumers who know what they want — and when they want it — are taking advantage of preordering more now than ever. Preordering is ideal in a number of situations, so much so that Pizza Today called it one of the next big pizza trends.

  • Maybe you have regular customers who order the exact same pie every Saturday night.
  • Perhaps you’re a brand new pizzeria, and foodies want to be among the first to taste test the newest creation.
  • Or, maybe your pizzeria recently won an award or made news and you’re selling out faster than you can bake.

Whatever the reason, preordering satisfies both foodservice and foodies through efficiency; eliminates food waste with more forethought on product ordering; and cuts wait times vastly, reducing stress.

Are you a pizza trendsetter? We’d love to hear what you’re cooking! DM us @LloydPans.

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