LloydPans Partners Share Favorites at National Restaurant Association Show

LloydPans Partners Share Favorites at National Restaurant Association Show
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Innovation reigned at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show, and the LloydPans booth was hopping with the latest foodservice equipment, bakeware and pizza pans. More than 57,000 attendees were treated to interactive displays, the latest solutions for the foodservice industry and even mobile robot servers from the approximate 2,100 suppliers on the show floor.

The LloydPans innovation team was able to chat with four customers about why LloydPans is an industry leader.

Andrew Ostrowski, Middleby Marshall
I like to use LloydPans because it’s a no-brainer of the quality. Certainly with CTX pizza ovens, we don’t have to worry about being able to reuse them over and over again. A lot of applications we go to are on the QSR side of things, so we might not have the right investment in the pans, and that can drastically affect the consistency of the product, so LloydPans makes a big difference in CTX because I know when I’m showing people I have the full confidence to say this will work better with our system. LloydPans also does a lot of customizing when you need it; they’re very respected and responsive in how they go about customizing things. Getting to the engineering — the state-of-the-art way of looking at heat transfer and pan manipulation, especially in the conveyor world. They’re the easiest go-to recommendation to help every system work better with that.

Paul Milione, Rational
We wanted to make sure that we were maintaining the integrity of the product, so we ended up creating a pan with Traci Rennaker and Paul Tiffany that captured all of the juices as they drip out from the grill pan. From a safety aspect, items are locked into the catch pan to make sure things aren’t sliding. I work with LloydPans so often because you all are very responsive and obviously we have a great relationship. Paul does such an incredible job — he understands heat transfer and air flow so when I get a prototype back, it works every single time.

Chad Rasmussen, Hatco-Ovention
One of the pans we just added was the Roaster Pan, and we specifically did that so we could do wings. We only do pre-cooked wings, but they still give off a little grease so we want to catch the grease so it’s not stewing in the grease. We have the heavy duty Pizza Disks, which are really nice, easy to clean. The Egg Pan — you can crack over a flat top, people love the artisanal natural look for a breakfast program. The new Grill Plates — in the last two years — all four sides are turned up so it holds in all the grease.

Kristina Bladecki, Alto-Shaam
We use LloydPans Sheet Trays to sear, and they conduct heat a lot quicker than your normal sheet tray. We also get grill lines and marks and also diamond marks.

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