A Slice of the Unordinary

A Slice of the Unordinary
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We’re heading into a month of intrigue, supernatural phenomenon and overall ghoulishly delicious happenings. October in and of itself is a month of mystery (and it’s also National Pizza Month, but more on that later) and wacky occurrences, and we’ve noticed an uptick on unordinary pizza trends and news. The LloydPans innovation team has been particularly intrigued by these atypical pizza headlines:

Pickles Rule?
This week’s #BYOP bracket is all about toppings, so possibly it’s appropriate that we woke up to a story about Angela’s Pickle Pizza. The Massachusetts-based Big E fair is back, and with that is Commonwealth Ave.’s newest pizza, which is topped with dill pickles, mozzarella cheese and white garlic sauce. Masslive.com notes that once the Pickle Pizza is out of the oven, it’s drizzled with ranch and made even more pickly with dill seasoning. Each pizza is estimated to have 80 to 90 dill pickles, and owner Tonio Viscusi says that this year’s new pizza has had “phenomenal” reception. 

50 Years of Unchanged ‘Flying’ Excellence
Dayton, Ohio’s Original Flying Pizza is celebrating 50 years on Oct. 1, and while hand tossed pizza isn’t unordinary, the stories behind this eatery’s success are extraordinary. The Dayton Daily News reports that the New York-Style pizza’s recipe has gone unchanged, down to every single ingredient. Tossing dough high above their heads and speaking to customers has been a staple of the pizzeria for the past 50 years, and the stories are endless — including one of a customer that stopped himself from committing suicide after a chat with the pizza shop’s owner. Talk about a powerful pizza.

Pizza Partnerships
The newest team of James Beard-nominated chef Kelly Whitaker of the Wolf’s Tailor, Brutø and Bastal and Pizzeria Locale created something special for the season. The Forager, according to Westword, is topped with forest mushrooms, Italian pork sausage, truffle oil, thyme, Fontina, mozzarella and Parmesan with butter and garlic oil. Mushroom lovers don’t have to trek in the woods for this one — throughout October this pizza is available for $12, and $1 from each sold pizza will go to Zero FoodPrint, a nonprofit and James beard Humanitarian of the Year award winner.

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