What We Learned at Pizza Expo

What We Learned at Pizza Expo
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We truly missed you in 2020, and we think you missed us! Booth No. 1539 was hopping, and we were thrilled to speak to each and every one of you about our company, your year so far and the new pizza projects you have baking in ovens nationwide. It was an exciting three days, and it was all because of the in-person time we got to spend with our existing customers and potential new ones.

Chicago Deep Dish Goes Nationwide
Sure, it has its detractors, but more and more consumers are craving the thick, comforting crust of a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. We tinkered with our Deep Dish Pan to create a Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Pan that we introduced at this year’s Pizza Expo. 

Pizza Never Goes Out of Style
Pizza is still king! The largest Pizza Expo/trade show of its kind in the world was well-attended, and as Professor Pizza put it: There’s no better family reunion than Pizza Expo. We completely agree, and one of the most favorite foods in the world brought everyone together to share ideas, win awards — congratulations to Upper Crust Pizza on the World Pizza Championship — and to get schooled on their new business as pizza makers. 

We had a blast, and we can’t wait to share a slice again with you next year. 

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