Ask LloydPans: Questions from Instagram

Ask LloydPans: Questions from Instagram
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We love our more than 14,000 social media followers, an engaging bunch full of pizza stories, idea sharing and community building. A few of our followers have some great questions for the LloydPans innovation team. They tackled your customer service and technical questions about LloydPans baking and pizza pans. Have a question for us? Email us at or DM us @LloydPans

What are your best tips to get the pizza to crisp without sticking? 
These are two separate issues. Sticking is avoided by not burning the pie but staying with golden brown deliciousness. Crispiness comes from adequate browning, avoiding dough softeners like sugar, trying the addition of a bit of oil in the pan, and by getting steam from the cooking dough released and away from the crust. Also, de-pan onto a cooling rack right out of the oven.
What is the max temperature your Detroit-Style Pans can handle? 
Our coated pans have a max temperature of 700 degrees empty. With food coverage, there is not really a max temperature as long as the pan is removed from the oven prior to the food burning. We have had customers use them in ovens at 1000 degrees and have not seen any issues.

I have a Lloyd’s Pan recommended for making the Grandma pizza and recommended by ‘Feast and Sip’ on YouTube. Do I need special cutting tools to avoid scratching the finish? Also, is it recommended to remove the pizza from the pan when it is removed from the oven? My concern is keeping the crust crisp. 
No special cutting tool. Although Lloyd’s PSTK finish pans are OK to cut in, it would be easier to cut out of the pan in order to get complete cuts at the edges. Removing the pie as soon as it’s out of the oven and placing it on a cooling rack allows the steaming crust to vent the steam away and not get soggy.

Do you ship worldwide?
We can ship anywhere in the world. In Canada, customers can ship through the LloydPans website by changing country and inputting their postal code. All others must send all information to us and then we can work up a quote:

Company Name (if Any)
Their Name
Street Address, City, State, Country Postal Code 
Phone Number
Items and Quantity

Are your pans available at wholesale prices? 
Yes, we have different discount levels.
For further assistance on wholesale orders, shipping costs and custom orders, email

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