Ask Paul: Questions from Instagram

Ask Paul: Questions from Instagram
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We love our more than 10,000 social media followers, an engaging bunch full of pizza stories, idea sharing and community building. A few of our followers have some great questions for Paul Tiffany, our resident food and pan expert. He’s tackling your customer service and technical questions about LloydPans baking and pizza pans. Have a question for Paul? Email us at or DM us @LloydPans.

Can you address shipping to Australia, the UK, Asia and Canada?
We can ship anywhere in the world. In Canada, customers can ship through the LloydPans website by changing country and inputting their postal code. All others must send all information to us and then we can work up a quote:

Company Name (if Any)
Their Name
Street Address, City, State, Country Postal Code
Phone Number
Items and Quantity

Up to what temperature can your pans be used in? We have an Ooni pizza oven, which at the moment we use on gas, but have the option to change to wood or charcoal. We are looking for a deep dish pan to withstand the heat. And, what are your cutter pans and pizza screens heat resistant to? Are they safe to use inside an Ooni that gets up to 800 degrees?
Our pans can go up to 700 degrees empty. With food coverage there is no real top temp as the pans will never get that hot. The key, of course, is to remove the pan prior to the food burning. We have a lot of people using our pans in Ooni ovens and others up around 1000 degrees.

Do you happen to make a 24 ring mold insert for a full sheet pan similar to bit rings? We make our burger buns with tin foil and parchment at the moment.
We do not currently make this, but we can. You would need to contact us about a custom item. Engineering for this would be around $100, $100 setup fee if less than 100 pieces plus cost of the part.

Do the Bar Pizza Shovels work with an outdoor pizza oven?
Yes, all of our pans work with an outdoor pizza oven. Of course the shovel is designed to start on the pan and finish on the deck, but you could just cook in the shovel or move to a stone.

For further assistance on baking with Ooni oven temperatures, shipping costs and custom orders, email

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