Ask Paul: Your Customer Service Questions Answered

Ask Paul: Your Customer Service Questions Answered
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We love our more than 12,000 social media followers, an engaging bunch full of pizza stories, idea sharing and community building. A few of our followers have slid into our DMs with some great customer service questions for Paul Tiffany, our resident technical expert. Have a question for Paul? Email us at or DM us @LloydPans. 

One of the most popular questions we get is regarding shipping. Yes, we ship worldwide, and we love seeing LloydPans from Germany to Canada to Asia and in between.

In Canada, customers can ship through the LloydPans website by changing country and inputting their postal code. All others must send all information to us and then we can work up a quote:

Company Name (if Any)
Their Name
Street Address, City, State, Country Postal Code 
Phone Number
Items and Quantity

Do you make 21-inch screens?  
Yes! They’re available as customs in any perforation we have.

Do you recommend a certain hydration % to use the Quik-Disks with? 
Probably not more than 65%. High hydration dough skins cannot be left on the disk for long without sagging into the perforations and perhaps locking the pie onto the disk. Experimentation would be the best guide for your desired use.

Can you make an insert to cook gluten-free pizza in large skillets? I found they cook faster than the regular oven, and the crust is crisper without cheese browning. I use an old metal frisbee pie pan as a steam cover for the pan to melt cheese after the crust is browned.
Is there a reason not to cook directly on the skillet? Gluten-free doughs vary widely in their tendency to stick and release aids (PAM, etc.) are often necessary and perhaps even a non-stick pan as well. Testing would be needed to create this item. We can create an insert for most items in any size, so if you would like to contact us for specifics we can help!

Which dark coated Dura-Kote pans are 14 gauge? 
Any item whose part numbers begin with “H” such as, H76F, H76R, H63N, etc., and many others that aren’t readily identified this way. Almost all of our Dura-Kote/PRE SEASONED TUFF-KOTE standard items are 14 gauge if it has to be welded. The pages on the website specify what gauge they are.

For further assistance on baking with Quik-Disks, oven temperatures, shipping costs and custom orders, email

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