Detroit-Style Pizza Tops Headlines Around the United States

Detroit-Style Pizza Tops Headlines Around the United States
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It’s no secret that we love Detroit-style pizzas. And, we’re thrilled that this square pizza is finally receiving the recognition it deserves. From headlines in foodie magazines to breaking news about the expansion of the “original” Detroit-style pizza maker, we have compiled the latest news in Detroit-style pizza.

How the Detroit Square Pizza was Born
There have been countless words written about the history of Detroit-style pizza, but this piece from the Detroit Metro Times stands out. It’s thorough yet concise, and gives true insight into how the pizza was developed and the key players that made it a nationwide craze.  

Buddy’s Pizza eyeing downtown Detroit location
It’s not surprising that the pizzeria that founded Detroit-style pizza, Buddy’s Pizza, is benefitting from the nationwide popularity of the pizza. The Detroit Free Press gets the scoop that the pizzeria is in talks to open a new location in downtown Detroit.

Trend Alert: Detroit-Style Pizza Makes Its Way to the Heartland
As the popularity of Detroit-style pizza grows, so to do the number of restaurants around the United States specializing in this square pie. This article from Feast looks at restaurants in Kansas City, Wichita and St. Louis that serve their interpretations of Motor City pizzas.

A History of Detroit in 10 dishes
This interesting blog from Roads and Kingdoms gives context to the overall food culture of Detroit by highlighting 10 dishes indicative of the Motor City. Obviously, Detroit-style pizzas get the nod along with other Detroit favorites such as Coney Island Hot Dogs and Paczki.

Artichoke Pizza Is Opening a Detroit-Style Pizza Restaurant
We never thought we’d see it. A Detroit-style pizzeria in the heart of Manhattan. Eater New York has the scoop on the popular Artichoke pizzeria’s newest venture: Lions and Tigers and Squares. According to the article, the new concept will remain true to authenticity and even serve Detroit coneys.

The Food Lab: Detroit-Style Pizza Is the Best Thing You’re Gonna Make This Year
Last but not least, we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight our favorite blog written on Detroit-style pizzas. As it always does, Serious Eats provides a thorough analysis of the characteristics of Detroit-style pizza and offers an authentic recipe that tastes amazing.

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