Excitement is Rising for the 37th Pizza Expo

Excitement is Rising for the 37th Pizza Expo
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It’s time to turn up the heat! The LloydPans team is counting down the days until the return of the International Pizza Expo & Conference, the largest exhibition of pizza makers, operators, manufacturers and demonstrators of its kind. 

For the past two years since the last Expo, we’ve been innovating, creating, sharing and taste testing some of the best pizza in the country — if not the world — and we’re ready to show you the pans underneath those delicious rising crusts.

At this year’s show, we’re especially excited to unveil the Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pan released earlier this year. Complete with heavy 14-gauge aluminum, stackable features and 1.5” to 2.25” depths, this pan is helping break down the deep dish barriers of the Windy City, resulting in a pizza that’s becoming a national phenomenon.

Speaking of regional-style pizzas that have spread nationwide, the Detroit-Style Pizza Pan is our best seller. The Detroit-style pizza is one of the largest-growing pizza styles, and we can’t wait to show the more than 13,000 attendees expected at the Expo the pan that’s helped this enormous growth.

International isn’t in the Pizza Expo’s name by accident. Some of our favorite pizzas are inspired by global fare, and flatbread pizzas are some of the most versatile styles on the market. Our Flatbread Pans come in five styles, so there’s plenty of options in this fan (or should we say pan?) favorite.

Speaking of options, LloydPans is much larger than “just” a pizza pan manufacturer. We are able to customize, standardize, engineer, anodize and coat to your specifications. So, make sure to stop by Booth 1539 to choose your favorites and chat about one of our favorite topics: pizza pans!

Are you just as excited about Pizza Expo as we are? Get a sneak peek of what to expect from LloydPans with this video from CEO Traci Rennaker

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