Let’s Get Weird-Dough With Crust Trends

Let’s Get Weird-Dough With Crust Trends
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The LloydPans innovation team prides itself on innovation, and we are inspired daily from pizza makers, recipe inventors and foodservice operators across the country. You can’t have a pizza without the foundation — the crust — and throughout the summer we’ve seen some delectable trends that are anything but half baked.

Tom Santos, field sales rep at General Mills Foodservice, told Bake Magazine that there is probably even more power in pizza than ever before. ““The pandemic has really demonstrated the power of pizza. When people couldn’t go out, they could still count on getting pizza delivered or getting pizza for takeout. From its portability to the ease and accessibility of getting it, pizza is probably more popular than ever,” he said. 

Chef Tim Trainor, also a part of General Mills, noted that the pizza category already had a great model in place, with takeout and delivery options readily available. Pizza makers kept up with the high demand of consistency, taste and and convenience, and most importantly, innovation through even larger pizza wish lists of ingredients, which include the foundation — the crust. 

Consistency is King
Paul Bright, senior innovation manager for AB Mauri North America, told Bake Mag that consistency and a great pizza formula are drivers for pizza making success. Getting the dough right each and every time makes for a consistent bake, setting the tone for production of higher quality pizza crusts. Time, temperature, fermentation, dough storage, mixing and processing are key elements in unvarying bakes each and every time. And, we would be remiss if we didn’t insert LloydPans products into this list. How can you dependably bake a pizza without the perfect pan?

The Gluten-Free Craze, the Remix
Just when we thought gluten-free wasn’t on the forefront of consumers’ wish lists, the revival of gluten-free crusts has hit in 2021. Flour shortages were real, according to Bake Mag, and it forced pizza makers to “use whatever they could get their hands on, including gluten-free flours.” Spoonshot reported a 102% consumer interest in almond flour since 2019.

The influence has spread to pizza innovators creating different gluten-free products that are even better than the first time around. Winners in the category include the aforementioned almond flour, joined by coconut, thanks to keto, paleo and low-carb subscribers. Gluten-free cauliflower crusts also are being tossed in ovens more throughout the country. With nearly one-quarter of Americans preferring gluten-free, we predict seeing even more offerings on menus.

Crusts that Tell Stories
Pizza’s origins, no matter what regional influence, tells a story. Last year’s No. 1 trend making numerous market research lists was storytelling, and consumers are seeking ingredients that are authentic and traceable. Whole grains, plant-based and vegan crusts all come from long histories. Ancient heirloom grains are gluten-free, satisfying two trends in one, and chickpea flour and quinoa flour are on the rise as unique storytelling opportunities. Better for you and better for the planet through storytelling will drive the future of pizza crusts and other ingredients.

The Trusty, Crusty Details
Technique and small details, no matter what layer, style, region or off-the-wall idea are key to making sure crusts don’t fall flat. Bake Mag highlighted its top crust attributes to pay attention to in its recent “Power of Pizza: Attention to Crust” article. Water temperature, final dough temperature, yeast types, the right flour, proper handling and instant yeast were called out as top crust details to note.

What’s your favorite crust trend or must-have for the “perfect” crust? Need a pan to take your crust to the next level? LloydPans knows how to dough!

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