Got Custom Pan Questions? We've Got Answers

Got Custom Pan Questions? We've Got Answers
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You can’t order innovation, reduced waste and efficiencies out of a catalog. But, you can work with LloydPans custom pan solution experts to develop custom baking and pizza pans to fit your operation’s specific needs.

Custom Pan Questions

How much is a custom pan solution going to cost me?
Not as much as you might think. We run one of the most efficient and innovative manufacturing plants in the United States, located in Spokane Valley, Washington. As a result, our tooling costs and setup fees are lower, and we pass these savings on to our customers.

What’s the turnaround time?
Faster than you might think. Because we’re completely self-contained, we’ve eliminated the need to rely on others’ schedules. Our team of food experts and responsive sales staff works directly with our customers to not only engineer custom pan solutions, but also to ship prototypes quickly.

What’s the minimum order?
We understand the realities of new product introductions in today’s marketing and metric driven worlds. Test markets and small runs are a reality, and Lloyd Pans helps pizzerias, bakers, chefs and food processors realize their new product inspirations by maintaining reasonable minimum orders.

Recent Custom Pan and Equipment

Custom Tart Cup Rings
New pan design helped dessert manufacturer keep up with increased production demands.

Custom Cake Pan Extender
Increasing efficiencies and eliminating waste. That was the request from the client. We answered with an innovative custom pan solution.

Custom Rolling Racks
One size doesn’t fit all. We build custom rolling racks to fit any dimension and shelf clearance.

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