Let’s Talk About Pan Finishes and Performance

Let’s Talk About Pan Finishes and Performance
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If you visit our manufacturing plant in Spokane Valley, Washington, you’ll notice two things. First, yes, we really do manufacture our pans in the United States. Second, we do things differently, combining a unique anodizing process with water-based pan finishes to produce pans that eliminate re-glazing.

It’s truly a proprietary process that gives us a competitive advantage in performance and cost over the lifespan of a pan. Let’s take a look at our pan finishes compared to other options.

It’s apparent that LloydPans unique finishes system performs better than alternatives, but what about cost? Over the lifespan of a pan, it’s not even a question. You’ll pay less for your pans through enhanced baking and the fact that you don’t ever have to get your pans re-glazed.

That’s right, our revolutionary Silver-Kote (SK) and Dura-Kote (DK) finishes are permanent, so you can say goodbye to re-glazing along with its associated inconvenience and expense.

Here are the top five questions people have about LloydPans’ unique finishing process and pans.

1. I really don’t need to reglaze my baking and pizza pans?
Yes! Unlike silicone, our durable permanent release finish will last through countless baking cycles without re-glazing.

2. So, the finishes are permanent? How?
The toxin-free finish we use is infused into the pan surface creating a durable baking platform that permanently stays with the pan. First, we start with an anodizing process, which fuses a ceramic-like hard shell directly onto our pans. Next, the pans are finished and “baked” in an industrial oven, which allows the finish to be absorbed into the pores of the anodized finish.

3. Does the finish ever flake or chip like PTFE?
No. Our finish is infused into the surface of the pan, so it cannot come off. It’s also a steam-proof finish, so there is no degradation of the finish from moisture

4. Is the pan finish toxic or bad for the environment?
Definitely not. In fact our finish is water-based, and our anodizing process demonstrates a comprehensive, proactive approach to responsible manufacturing. And, they are 100% PTFE-free.

5. How do I buy your baking and pizza pans?
That’s an easy question! Go to www.lloydpans.com.

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