LloydPans Celebrates National Cookie Day

LloydPans Celebrates National Cookie Day
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It’s cookie baking season, everybody! December 4 is National Cookie Day, and the LloydPans Innovation Team is celebrating with some of our holiday favorites. This year, bakers are ditching the boring ol’ frosted sugar cookies and trying something new and unusual. We turned to Simporter and its AI-powered platform to share more about the hottest cookie trends this National Cookie Day.

Biscuit Sticks
Breadsticks are out, and biscuit sticks are in. These flavorful, crunchy sticks make a great addition to your holiday cookie menu and can be presented in a variety of ways, from bundles to faux bouquets.

Taro, a tropical plant native to Asia, has a sweet, coconut-y flavor and is rich in nutrients. Its unique taste and texture make it an off-beat but appealing complement to chocolate chips and nuts.

Yep, you heard us — gravy. According to Simporter, gravy has a natural sweetness that can be used to infuse oatmeal and peanut butter cookies. We’re not sure we’re totally sold on this idea, but who knows — it could be delicious!

Now, guava we can get on board with! A cross between a pear and strawberry, guava has a papaya-like taste and soft texture. Use guava to infuse shortbread cookies and biscotti for a tropical taste that’s a twist on the classics.

Artificial Flavors
An easy way to incorporate different flavors into your cookies is to use artificial flavors and extracts like peppermint, cream soda, bubblegum — the possibilities are endless.

Chocolate never goes out of style. This year, instead of traditional cookies like chocolate chip, try something new, like chocolate shortbread or chocolate macarons. You can also use cacao, the basic ingredient of chocolate, to infuse your cookies and give them a unique flavor.

Golden Oat
Golden oats have a nutty, buttery flavor that their mild cousin, oatmeal, lacks. Mix in nuts, dried fruit and chocolate chips for a rich treat that your customers will love.

Mint is another holiday season mainstay. This sweet, refreshing flavor is often paired with chocolate for a delicious cookie that stands the test of time. A word of advice: play around with the amount of peppermint extract you add to your cookies. Too strong, and they’ll taste like toothpaste!

LloydPans Cookie Sheets
LloydPans Cookie Sheets are made of durable, 14-gauge aluminum and come in three coating options: bare aluminum, Silver-Kote and Dura-Kote. They come with open or closed ends, but we can also customize cookie sheets to your specifications. Don’t forget to share your 2023 holiday cookie creations with us @lloydpans on Instagram!

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