Mcdonald’s and Subway Refresh While Servers Talk About Dogs

Mcdonald’s and Subway Refresh While Servers Talk About Dogs
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Summer is ending, the kids are going back to school but the foodservice world keeps spinning! Here are some of our favorite stories from this week.

McDonald’s Investing Billions in Restaurant Modernization
8,700 McDonald’s restaurants will be receiving a facelift in the coming years as the global restaurant chain plans to spend $6 billion on stores throughout the United States. Expect to see more self-order kiosks and an expansion of McCafe counters. Food Business News has the story.

Server Speak: How Do You Feel About Dogs on the Patio? finds the answer as they talk to five servers on the pros and cons of having dogs on a restaurant patio. Our favorite quote: “Dogs are nicer than people and people who bring their dogs are typically nicer humans.”

Superfoods with Staying Power
As a buzzword, “superfood” has been around for quite a while. Unfortunately, many of these superfoods come and go like the latest fad. Restaurant Hospitality takes a look at three superfoods with staying power. Although we agree with two of them, we’re still not sold on charcoal.

Airport Offers “honor system” coffee, bagels
Boise Airport appears to be making itself the hub for human decency as the airport has established two unmanned Honor Coffee kiosks, where customers are trusted to pay for what they take. Good job, Boise Airport, let’s see how this works out.

Cheese, waffle, chicken concepts coming soon
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And, yes. We can barely hide our excitement at the news that more and more foodservice operations are jumping onto the cheese, waffle and chicken bandwagon. Food Management has the story.

A closer look at Subway’s refresh programs
Nation’s Restaurant News takes us inside the new Subway refresh in this slideshow. Looks like the sub chain is taking a page from the success of innovative food concepts being launched in supermarkets.

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