On the Scene: Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo

On the Scene: Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo
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Look at those smiling faces! Our dedicated LloydPans team recently returned from Los Angeles where they attended and exhibited at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo. It was a great show for us, as it allowed us to further bring our innovative line of foodservice pans to new customers.

We’re most known for our pizza and baking pans, so when we exhibit at a foodservice show, we meet quite a few new people. We love this, as it really gives us a chance to talk about the innovative products we have available in the foodservice space. Here are the three pans that garnered the most attention at the show.

Flatbread Pans
Flatbreads can be found on menus ranging from quick-service to fine-dining restaurants. LloydPans offers four different styles of flat bread pans based on a restaurant’s specific needs. From a traditional flatbread pan to a hearth back flatbread pan for artisan crusts, LloydPans has you covered. Learn more.

Diamond Grill Pans
Everyone loves grill marks on their protein. Now, you can get them while baking steaks, chicken or seafood in conventional, conveyor or speed bake ovens. LloydPans Diamond Grill Pans™ successfully impart grill marks seared into meats without the actual grill. Learn more.

Oven Roasters
Do your customers crave crispy appetizers, but without the guilt of deep frying? Our Oven Roaster pans give foodservice operations the ability to impart a crispy texture to chicken wings, sliders, ribs and more. Plus, the pans help keep your oven clean! Learn more.

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