Nationwide Survey Says Breakfast Pizza Satisfies

Nationwide Survey Says Breakfast Pizza Satisfies
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Ah, breakfast — the most important meal of the day. At some point, we’ve all grabbed a piece of cold, leftover pizza for breakfast. But who says your customers can’t have a delicious, Italian culinary experience in the morning? After all, we have avocado toast and breakfast burritos. Why not try adding breakfast pizza to your repertoire?

The majority of Americans agree that breakfast pizza should be a staple, and the numbers are growing. C-store chain Casey’s commissioned a breakfast pizza survey that found: 

  • Nearly 3 in 4 parents (74%) said they would eat breakfast more often if they could get a breakfast pizza.
  • Nearly three in five adults (57%) say they would eat breakfast more often if they could get a breakfast pizza.
  • More than half of adults (52%) wish pizza was considered a more traditional breakfast food.

Lay Down a Good Base

Pizzaiolos know that a great pie begins with a solid base. Standard pizza crust and English muffins make for great savory breakfast pizza crusts, while waffles, crescent roll dough and cinnamon roll dough serve as a good crust for something on the sweet side. No matter what your base is, LloydPans products provide quick release and even bakes each and every time. 

Get Creative with Toppings

The great thing about breakfast pizza is that the possibilities for toppings are endless. We turned to our Instagram followers to get some great ideas.

@joeys_scran’s take on a Sicilian breakfast pizza includes tomato sauce, mozzarella, sausage, mushrooms, black pudding, bacon and soy-marinated egg yolk. YUM! 

We also saw lots of people, like @pizzahimbo and @bflo_pizzachef, top their breakfast pizzas with fried eggs — an easy add-on. We also love @wok_wif_matt’s concoction of pork belly and peaches. What time is breakfast served at your place? Because we’ll be there.

Miniaturize Your Pie

Everything is more fun in miniature. As a kid, you probably went nuts for those burn-the-skin-off-your-tongue pizza bites. Mini pizzas on English muffins, biscuits or baby waffles are a great way to throw together an easy breakfast pizza for consumers who want a little bite of everything. 

LloydPans Appetizer Pans are perfect for mini breakfast pizzas.

Whether you prefer something sweet or savory to fill your menus, there’s a breakfast pizza for everyone. Get creative and DM us @lloydpans with your breakfast pizza creations!

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