5 Hot National Pizza Month Pizza Bakes

5 Hot National Pizza Month Pizza Bakes
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Happy National Pizza Month, pizzaiolos! It’s the best month of the year, and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing pies you create in October. We’ve been on the hunt for new tastes, trends and techniques from LloydPans customers. Join us in counting down some of our favorite inspirations:

5. Eamonn Murphy of @themayorofpizza has been getting requests for more bar-style pizzas, especially during football season! LloydPans Bar Pizza Shovel can withstand higher temperatures and gives great heat transfer to the pizza. 

“It’s important to have this style pan to achieve a great laced cheese frico 90 degree edge that gives the bar pie its signature look,” he said. 

4. @spaceboyspizza of Warwick, NY, brought some sweet heat to their pie, which featured ricotta cream sauce, red sauce, pepperoni and Mike’s Hot Honey. Baked on LloydPans Detroit-Style Pizza Pan.


3. @apizzabeats asked an interesting question: If you had to choose, which half of a pizza would make a better suit for a job interview — base or toppings? Here’s the recipe, so you can make a more educated decision:


  • 919g homemade, gluten-free Sicilian dough in a 14x14 LloydPans Sicilian-style pan
  • 100% flour
  • 85% water (72 degrees F)
  • 6% oil
  • 3% salt
  • 1.5% yeast
  • Rest for three hours at room temperature.


Tom sauce, slices of scamorza, buffalo mozzarella, grated low-moisture mozzarella, sliced chorizo rioja, dusting of parmigiano reggiano and oregano, finished with olive oil and more parmigiano reggiano (you can never have too much cheese).



2. Young JJ from @jasoncooksgood blew us away with his poise, personality and pizza-making skills when he shared his recipe for Detroit-style pizza. JJ, don’t ever change! You’ll run this pizza business one day.

1. @therealbillyz of Chicago took buffalo wings and spun them on their heads. His deep-dish pie, a collaboration with @omnivorousadam, features buffalo fried chicken nuggets, Frank’s Red Hot, pickled carrot ribbons, celery, ranch and blue cheese. Hey, Billy — what time is dinner?

The LloydPans innovation team is here to help you create shout-out worthy pizzas all National Pizza Month long. Don’t forget to share your creations @LloydPans! 

Preparing for the holiday season? Email sales@lloydpans.com to get your orders in today. 


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