Organic, sustainability dominates baking ingredient headlines

Organic, sustainability dominates baking ingredient headlines
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The baking and snack food industries are evolving rapidly as consumer demand for more healthy, sustainable products has shifted the priorities of some of the leading players in the industry. Here is a roundup of some of those stories as well as other interesting articles and links we found this week.

Annie’s Homegrown launches new “Soil Matters” campaign
The popular organic and natural snack food company has launched an innovative campaign calling attention to the importance of soil in the production of quality ingredients used in the company’s products. The limited edition of Annie’s Homegrown Honey Bonny Grahams features wheat and oats grown from a single farm, as well as an innovative packaging design. Learn more about the campaign.

General Mills commits to organic ingredients
As the popularity of organic foods grows, so do the concerns about the supply of organic ingredients, such as wheat. General Mills is taking this matter head on by partnering with a farm to convert more than 30,000 acres of conventional farmland into organic acreage. Read more here.

Sustainable foods here to stay
For the foreseeable future, millennials are going to have a significant influence in the development of new baking and snack foods. And, according to a recent report from Mary/Matchbox, these buyers are seeking products with sustainable attributes, such as organic and non-GMO.

Healthful indulgence through portion control
Too often “healthy” desserts and sweet goods fall short on flavor and indulgence. Packaged foods manufacturers are seeking to change that by focusing new product development on portion-controlled versions of already established and successful desserts and sweet goods. Learn more here.

 Krispy Kreme goes green
Outside of vegetables, green food is usually something to avoid…except for one day a year. Krispy Kreme is turning its donuts green this Saturday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And, by the looks of the picture in this story, they are going really green.

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