Pizza Vending Machines, Brunch Pizza and the Best Calzone

Pizza Vending Machines, Brunch Pizza and the Best Calzone
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Summer is over, fall is coming and we’re highlighting the latest pizza industry news for our busy readers. We’ve got some great articles this week!

Man on the Street: Regional Pizza Style Manifesto
This is quite the hot take from Pizza Today regarding the seemingly proliferation of named regional pizza styles. In the article, the author looks at five qualifying factors of an “approved” regional style. One of our favorite guidelines: “The pizza must be made with an ingredient, technology or other direct reflection of the local culture.”

Pizza Vending Machine is a Big Hit in Hiroshima
Taking “Hot and Ready” to even more convenient heights is a Japanese entrepreneur who is bringing pizza vending machines to Hiroshima, Japan. The vending machine features pre-cooked pizzas and two hot plates.

Tony’s Trending Recipe: Upside Down Pizza
In the pizza industry, pushing innovation has become commonplace. We now even have Internet shows debating whether pizza with a ramen crust is actually pizza or not? Pizza Today, in this article and recipe, takes on Upside Down Pizza. Read it, make it and let us know what you think!

Brixx Develops Five New Signature Pizzas for the Brunch Bunch
Brunch is big business and Brixx Wood Fired Pizza is capitalizing on this daypart with new menu items designed specifically for the brunch eating occasion. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based chain’s new menu items include Ham and Eggs Pizza, Huevos Rancheros Pizza, Garden Eggs Pizza, Brunch Supremo Pizza and the Italian Sausage Omelet Pizza.

In Search of New York’s Essential Calzone
A great story and beautiful photography are highlights of this Eater article on the author’s quest to find New York’s best calzone.

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