Slice Into National Pizza Month with #31DaysofPizzas

Slice Into National Pizza Month with #31DaysofPizzas
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Slasher movies aren’t the only thing knives are good for. October kicks off one of the LloydPans innovation team’s favorite months: National Pizza Month. Pizza pans are our specialty, after all. 

Eating the result ranks highly as well, and #NationalPizzaMonth is a great way to not only sink our chompers into some of our favorites but to also take a look at the new piping hot ‘zas coming out of ovens across the country. And, since it’s a longer month, we have 31 chances to highlight regional styles, globally influenced pies and new pizzas that even we had to research the origins of. 

But, that we did, and we came up with #31DaysofPizzas, a way to celebrate 31 different ways to grab breakfast, lunch, dinner, your midnight snack, your fourth meal, your grab-and-go slice during a busy day, or however else you take your pizza. One of the reasons we love pizza so much is for its versatility, and we want to see how pizzerias from all across the country make theirs. From Persian to Washington D.C. style, each day throughout National Pizza Month will be an opportunity for you to share if — and how — you make the #31DaysofPizza pizza style of the day. 

Make sure to follow us @LloydPans to follow the #31DaysofPizza #NationalPizzaMonth campaign. Knives and cutters not included ;).

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