Ask Paul: Perforated Pans and Custom Egg Cookers

Ask Paul: Perforated Pans and Custom Egg Cookers
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Paul Tiffany, our resident food and pan expert tackles your baking and pizza pan questions. Have a question for Paul, leave a comment or email us at

Question: Why would I order a perforated Detroit-Style Pizza pan instead of a traditional one?
High-hydration doughs, like some Detroit-style doughs, are difficult to bake fast due to trapped steam. If you’re running a commercial operation, you most likely don’t want a relaxed nine-minute bake at 465°F. Most commercial operators want a sub-seven minute bake at whatever temperature it takes. In a traditional pan, this can make your dough turn into a beach ball. Steam release is the way to go, hence why you would use a perforated pan.

Question: Why does LloydPans anodize its pans? Do other manufacturers do this?
Other suppliers have anodized aluminum pans, but they are only anodized. This gives the pan a surface that has no release and must to be seasoned before use. As you can imagine, not a fun task. It’s not free either. To improve on an anodized aluminum pan, LloydPans offers a pre-seasoned release surface that’s ready to go out of the box without the hassle of seasoning.

Question: Work on any exciting new custom pan projects recently?
With the continuing advances in our metal forming capabilities, we recently made a shallow multi-cavity egg “puck” pan for a speed cook oven that processed six eggs in one minute and forty seconds! Egg containing sandwiches are a trending item across the United States, and we’ll expand this pan offering to fit the most popular sizes of convection, combi and speed-cook ovens. Learn more about our custom pan options.

Question: I recently heard you achieved your ISO 9001:2015? What does that mean for your customers?
ISO 9001:2015 is the internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard. Designed to be a powerful business improvement tool, ISO 9001 Quality Management certification is empowering LloydPans with a system for continuous improvement. As a customer focused company, ISO 9001 is helping us improve customer relations, reduce manufacturing errors and deliver quality products. We want to ensure we are meeting each customer’s needs, inspiring trust in our products, our people and our business.

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